Healthcare & insurance software: Disease Profiler

UX Design, Responsive web design, front end development

The Profiler shows disease prevalence by demographic. It's part of a larger product for insurance companies, used to look at healthcare data to highlight anomalies and high-cost areas.


The existing product had no separation between its two data sets, relying on the user to figure out what they were looking at. As the two data sets contained different information, it was important to keep them separate, so users could differentiate at any point.


Added the ability to switch/choose which database they wanted to search in before seeing any data. Switching between datasets while remaining in context was made possible by a dropdown available at the top of the screen at all times.

After a database is selected, the user then may search within that set of data for specific diseases and categories. Since it’s a defined set, we live-update the results as the user types.

If they know the category they're looking for, they can also select that to see a list of diseases, or view aggregate data for diseases in that category.

On the details page, we needed to make the data describing the disease demographics easy to navigate and understand. We added a jump navigation so the user could skip the scrolling and navigate right to the graph they needed.


Since I designed mobile-first, the new version was built to be fully responsive.