Tradefox Branding

The old logo

While working on the product at Scrap Connection, the potential to grow it beyond the scrap industry became apparent. But, that meant that the name "Scrap Connection" was limiting.

We began thinking of a name that would describe the nature of the product - full of data, informing decision making, saving money. The motif of a fox seemed to clearly indicate cleverness and quick decision making, and thus, Tradefox was born.

Thinking of trade routes, the global impact of the recyclables industry, and the fox motif, I set to work ideating on this imagery...

My ideation process for the logo

After lots of ideation, I arrived at a logo the team loved - a fox head constructed out of trade routes, with a bright eye-catching orange-and-black combo. The logotype is set in Avenir Medium.

Standard logotype
Vertical layout
Business cards


An eye-catching, standalone logo that doesn't confine itself to a single trade industry.

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